Electrical Steel Isovac

isovac® is a Voestalpine brand that improves energy efficiency and                                      optimizing production processes.
These products are mainly used for generators, motors for the                                  automotive/railway industries, power supplies and transformers.
Prodotti standard isovac®

isovac® standard products:
> isovac® FULLY-processed EN 10106
> isovac® SEMI-processed EN 10341
> isovac® HIGH-PERM

Isovac special products®
> isovac® high-frequency
> isovac® high-conductivity
> isovac® high strength
> isovac® NO (qualità NO segue la norma EN 10303)
> isovac® high-effiency

Non alloyed electrical silicon steel strips, not completely annealed (FULLY-processed)

 (UNI EN 10106)

This type of electrical steel does not require an annealing treatment after the shearing phase, as it already has the required magnetic characteristics. 

It complies with EN 10106 standard which defines the types of cold rolled                  non-oriented grain steel sheets and electrical strips having a thickness of 0.35 mm, 0.50 mm, 0.65 mm and 1.00 mm.
In particular, the standard provides general requirements, electrical properties, tolerances and technical characteristics as well as control procedures.

Completely annealed and alloyed electrical silicon steel strips and sheet  (SEMI-processed)

(UNI EN 10341)

The semi-processed sheet is annealed by the customer to obtain specific electromagnetic properties.

The EN 10341 standard defines the types of sheets and electrical strips of  non-alloy and non-grain alloyed steel, cold rolled and supplied in the semi-finished state (without final annealing), with a thickness of 0.50 mm and 0.65 mm.
It also provides general requirements, electrical properties, geometric characteristics, tolerances, technical characteristics and control procedures.

Highly permeable semiprocessed electromagnetic steel sheet


ISOVAC® HIGH PERM is a very high-permeability product with a particular structure that improves magnetization and reduces core loss due to electrical hysteresis. This increase in efficiency makes it possible to maintain the same level of performance while reducing component size and saving material, weight and costs.

 Main types of insulation:

C3 INSULATION: organic insulation system, which considerably improves the      traceability of the material

C5 INSULATION: it has an excellent weldability and resistance to annealing, suitable for die casting

BACKLACK INSULATION: the backlack technology is an innovative method to assemble the packs of electrical sheets. With a controlled chemical process, the laminations with this insulation come together in packs in a clean and compact way.